I know that Ice Nation motherf*cker came back for her. [2] For example, "get knocked down" is "ge smak daun," which sounds like "get smacked down" and "stop" is "hod op," which sounds similar to "hold up. Life is about more than (just) surviving. The Sky People march with us now. Ai nou fir raun kom sheidgeda-de, kos ai sou don hod skaifaya in. In Anaconda, Niylah asks Clarke who Bill Cadogan is in Trig and she explains in the same language that his cult built the Second Dawn Bunker. About Trigedasleng. Nou ouder. Apologies, Heda. Test. Ai swega yu klin. In The 48, Octavia Blake practices the phrase Lincoln told her in Trigedasleng. I am Octavia of the Sky people and I want to pass. We come together tonight, as we have countless times before, to watch a man die. In single combat, there is but one rule: Someone must die today. However. Oso nou fish raun gon yongon. I'm Octavia of the Sky People, and I seek safe passage: The dead are gone; the living are hungry: From water we are born, to water we return: From the Earth, we will grow. It was created by Callie Cadogan as a child. During the six year time skip, many more Sky People learned Trigedasleng, including Nathan Miller, Monty Green, John Murphy, Raven Reyes, and Harper McIntyre. NixieCB. Trigedasleng is the language spoken by the earth-born people, the clans of the 100, known as Grouders. Its use in certain contexts may indicate disdain. She later tells Becca Franko that she had learned Latin when she was 10 to help create the language. Nou tel ai op ha ai na teik ai hana ogud! Your fight is over: Yu gonplei ste odon 2. It can be used to introduce hypothetical or conditional clauses as well (but n.b. For example, "Clarke Griffin of the Sky People" is Klark Grifin kom Skaikru and not, say, Klark kom Grifinkru. Chit ste kriken gon brana nodotaim. All alliances are risky. Even a fool knows when to surrender. Relative clauses can be formed as in English, without any subordinators or conjunctions. Use du when the person or thing referred to is held in disdain or contempt, or to mean "someone". They're here to take me away now. Enough. What do you want? These Sky People are different, they're more like the Mountain Men than us. Ogeda hukop ste ifi. Yo souda bants kom disha geda. I mean to die. Stay strong: Ste yuj 9. He slams her against a wall and asks her who she really is. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, as Indra moves to kill him, Sheiheda replies "not today" in English and stabs himself with the Disciple locator tagging device, escaping through the Anomaly. The Commander wants to see if her claims are true. Trigedasleng verbs have two parts: the verb root, and one of nine satellites. Josephine sedates him and tells Bellamy that she's Josephine Lightbourne before knocking him out. As the language has survived, Cadogan asks if his daughter Callie has survived in the key: the Flame. The dead are gone; the living are hungry: Stedaunon don gon we; kikon ste enti. This alliance will cost you your life, Commander. It is possible to emphasize plurality using emo or a plural-possessive pronoun. Season 6 of The 100 is now airing weekly, Tuesdays 9/8c on The CW. In The Last War, the Judge, taking on the form of Lexa, briefly communicates with Clarke using Trig during the test to determine if humanity is worthy of Transcendence or not and declares that humanity is not worthy by stating that "your fight is over" in Trig. After noticing a cloaked Disciple sneaking up behind Indra, the Dark Commander yells out a warning in Trig, saving her life. During her final argument with Bellamy Blake, Clarke uses Trig for the most important parts of it so that the other Disciples won't understand exactly what she's arguing with Bellamy about. Taim osir fleim au, taim yu na fleim au gon osir ogeda. Trigedasleng enjoys a three-way distinction for demonstrative pronouns, demonstrative adjectives, and spatial adverbs. Primarily, they are used to form the tense structure of Trigedasleng, but there are other ways to use them. Auxiliary and modal verbs are used in a variety of ways. In Indra's hallucinations of her mother due to the Red Sun Eclipse, she and Sheidheda speak in Trig. Its development was also influenced by an early code-system that was developed shortly after the Cataclysm, but this only affected the lexicon in any substantial way. PLAY. When writing in Trigedasleng, it is the author/speaker's decision whether to use respelled names or to use Modern English spellings. Indra proclaims in Trig "for my mother" before using the cannon to finally kill the Dark Commander. What are the three pillars of being a Commander? Bosh moba, Heda. He also records audio files with the correct pronunciation of each sentence which are then forwarded to the actors. Oso ge ouyon klin kom baman, en oso nou na hon em in taim oso ste gon we raun brolgeda. The writers write the scripts in English and then send them to David for translation. Translation: "Stop. The alternate form is used when the thing being possessed/owned is plural. See citations on this article for more information on lexical stress in Trigedasleng. David J Peterson is The 100's official linguist and also the creator of the Dothraki language for Game of Thrones. Gouba tu raun en kigon yo granplei. The future tense, for example, is also used for "in order to" phrases and dynamic modality ("I can"). STUDY. The table below illustrates this simplified system. It is also likely that while in the Second Dawn Bunker, the Sky People also learn Trigedasleng. Ai laik Okteivia kom Skaikru en ai gaf gouthru klir. In some contexts, bilaik can be used to mean "like" or "as" (bilaik yu don tel ai op "like you told me"), * Peterson originally transcribed Clarke's name as. I promise. To their surprise, Cadogan is able to understand them, though he requests that they speak slower since it has been so long for him. Meizen. Mema oso du bilaik hed op thauz gona kamp raun trigeda. Oso hit choda op nat, kom tona gou fou nau, hashta ai op hef na wan op. Mou bilaik Maunon kom oso. Surnames are also transcribed in Trigedasleng, and are handled as a second given name. In Blood Giant, Indra and Sheidheda use Trig to communicate while tied up together so as to ensure that the Disciples guarding them won't understand their conversation. I am Indra of the Woods Clan. Deyon oso gid em op gon keryon kom Heda hashta mema in gyonplei kom Leksa kom Trikru. Ai get klin bilaik dei Azgeda nomajoka komba raun gon em. Forest language. Understanding her comment, Cadogan asks after his daughter and Niylah tells him what she knows of Callie's ultimate fate from Grounder legend. Quote of the Week "Don’t worry Murphy, hell’s big enough for the both of us." Lincoln explains that only the warriors, in his clan, speak English and in order to blend in she needs to speak his native language. Sen ai op. At the time of the Ark's descent, it is believed that most Grounders speak only Trigedasleng; warriors (and certain other Grounders) speak both Trigedasleng and Modern English, a fact which they are careful to hide from their enemies. It has many uses, and it's often difficult to tell when to use bilaik over some other word or construction. We conduct discussions the night of airing and the morning after while the show is airing. It has no direct counterpart in Modern English, though it is derived from the "be-like" construction (called "quotative BE LIKE" by some linguists). My fight is over: Ai gonplei ste odon 3. Episode Discussions. Our fight isn't over: Oso gonplei nou ste odon. Disha hukop na frag yu op, Heda. Lexical stress is handled in Trigedasleng the same way it's handled in English--that is, finding the stress isn't always predictable and is mostly a matter of rote memorization. At the time of the Ark's descent, it is believed that most grounders speak only Trigedasleng; warriors (and certain others, like Nyko the healer) speak both Trigedasleng and American English, a fact which they are careful to hide from their enemies. 8. Ai nou fir raun. Some verbs don't have or require satellites (auxiliary/modal verbs, function verbs, causative/performative verbs, verbs having to do with agent-initiated motion). Verbs in Trigedasleng have the biggest differences from English of any part of speech. Bilaik can be used as a figurative copula, and loosely means "to be ... for all intents and purposes/so to speak." Later, during the battle he provokes, Sheidheda issues commands in Trig before spotting Indra holding a sonic cannon. 6. In Reapercussions, Indra and her people use Trigedasleng to discuss strategy for the assault on some Reapers to get Nyko and their people back. Realizing that she knows who he really is, Sheidheda responds in kind that its too bad she can't kill him.