Islam Question & Réponse est un site qui vise à fournir des réponses intelligentes et faisant autorité à quiconque a une question concernant l'islam. Islam Question & Answer is a site that aims to provide intelligent, authoritative responses to anyone's question about Islam. Fundamentals of the Islamic Creed. Halim Novel Episode 02 Namal by Nimra Ahmed Jab Pyar Ki Rut Badal Jaye Epis 10 Shuaa Digest October 2018. (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(hs); about Islam from different sources. What is the Shari’ah? ¬ How many are the fundamental principles of Islam? endobj 3. x��\[s�8�~OU���ĭ�!�45�-'���͜$��>$�@�bibI^Q����� ��h��JŢH ������ ��|�_-��������}1]�g���_���y���v��cq����vsv����������ODޗ���������$���/B�����_G�����_�x]���EV��#���$�(�2)�������[�{�g���ů^Xc�9F81�.|!G�����bt���|��?���x2z�%���g��������~�'����vO>�h4������1�(��Ifq3�l�i5���zw�� ����1H� k��#^����q2z��?~��,����r:I�S�)�a0��+%�M���傇�� M�XFA�y2�"o7�b�E�qďD�� ��+� �Q��� ���$�ZVc�����&���8��c�l0��%V}��e�� ��2bC�H���\������?�Gw��OF���v�e1h3A�ţ%�*� Y>����|B,�L�f�ì��&�"�����"��I2���@C_a ���&�6R���8쉢$��D7̓ �;@�9B8��(�:פp:a��~:���Η�lWE�bB�L���r����$�Q�D�x7�9��׊06-|xz����>x�g=/6�x��e�����y�p�����������F¥������d��]l�һ@�ek��ڸ�����]̱ΩDC��[4�=5����%��"C����i��e�$�;��B��h��n:��'p9 The word “Islam” means a. For it read in each country. _Hasync.push(['Histats.track_hits', '']); Our website provides you with all types of books “Pakeeza Digest October 2018″Urdu Digests, Novels, Education Books, Health Tips, Fashion, Digest, Beauty Tips, Books, hairstyle, makeup etc. In Islam, limited polygyny is permitted; whereas polyandry is completely prohibited. 4. This website allows you to read different books online. How many chapters are there in Quran? Reading an interesting book not only provides felicity but also enhances knowledge and skill. Reading an interesting book not only provides felicity but also enhances knowledge and skill. Explore the latest questions and answers in Islamic Law, and find Islamic Law experts. 3 0 obj it is extremely intriguing “1000 Islamic Questions” Download is this Event Novel is a decent and fascinating story You easily download it Can do etc. What is the scripture of Islam religion? %���� a. Surrender to God c. Recitations d. Sons of Allah 4. 2. hs.src = ('//'); The original books and magazines are always better to read. Please comment in case of any difficulty, we will try to fix and repair links You can download. Keep Visiting this page. PDF 55.8 KB. The faith of Islam is based on five fundamental priciples ¬ What is the first fundamental principle of Islam? })(); You have entered an incorrect email address! If you believe that the Mcqs provided here has wrong answer and need to be corrected then simply click on the Mcqs title and it will open our website and you can comment below that multiple choice question in your Questions . In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Mercifu 3 . To find our posts just click the links below. 4-. 2. more than one man. Receive Free Updates Daily in your Inbox! we care about our users and visitors. <> Sunday 29 Rabi‘ al-awwal 1442 - 15 November 2020 English. is a website which provides books, magazines, articles on different interesting topics. There are five types of major Kufr : 1. However, I take sole responsibility for the contents of this booklet. The easiest and safest way to download and get your file immediately. it contents many subjects About Islam like : Allah, Muslims, prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) , Jesus , pillars of Islam , Jihad, polygamy women ..ect I … A. Questions (20 ... specially Volume IV with it two parts, in pdf file … Print these Mcqs and prepare yourself for Job Test. endobj Only then the building is completed and looks beautiful. 1. Islamic history quiz and download Islamiat Short Answer Question In Urdu Primary To MA in PDF format, Islamic information and Knowledge in Urdu, for Islamiat subject this collection help Islamic studies form primary to MA students and teachers.