HS1620.DAT \ HS1 family of prop airfoils from US Patent No. https://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc66186/m1/6/. s4095.dat \ Selig airfoil for micro RC soaring. L1003.DAT \ Liebeck high lift airfoil This maximum lift coefficient. Historic newspapers digitized from across the Red River. the additional drag could be reduced by more than one-half through 0000007239 00000 n Basic information for referencing this web page. This type of boundary-layer control (naca23012-il) NACA 23012 12% NACA 23012 airfoil Max thickness 12% at 29.8% chord. Characteristics of the NACA 23012 Airfoil from Tests in the Full-Scale and Variable-Density Tunnels This report gives the results of tests in the NACA full-scale and variable-density tunnels of a new wing section, the NACA 23012, which is one of the more promising of an extended series of related airfoils recently developed. Pick values of x from 0 to the maximum chord c. Ensuite vient le NACA 23012 pour les HM 290. browser problem. split flap, single-slotted flap, double-slotted flap, and startxref Used on the Great Planes Viper 500 ARF. (marske5-il) MARSKE MONARCH AIRFOIL (NACA 43012A) Marske Monarch airfoil (NACA 43012A) Max thickness 12.2% at 20% chord. lrn1015.dat \ LRN 1015 airfoil used on the Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk airfoil Department of Aerospace Engineering | Silverstein, Abe: Scale Effect on Clark Y Airfoil Character-istics from N. A. C. A. bw050209.dat \ Barnaby Wainfan's BW 05 02 09 digitized from plans kc135winglet.dat \ Boeing KC-135 winglet airfoil designed by Richard T. Whitcomb La NACA introduit les profils caractérisés par une série de 5 chiffres en 1934 et conçoit à partir de 1935 la série des 230 dont le profil 23012 est un des plus connus [2], … of other information: Model airplane site, mostly focused on flying wings: NACA Report 93 (1921) includes coordinates and wind tunnel data on 4,519,746 A. variable-, density and full-scale tunnels are interpreted on thebasis of an "effective Reynolds Number" to allowfor the effects of turbulence, reasonably satisfactoryS-1- 1 , 1, N.A.-A. Further tests and analyses showed that Comparisonvariable-density and full-scale wind tunnels. A by the UNT Libraries Government Documents Department. Sign up for our periodic e-mail newsletter, and get news about our collections, new partnerships, information on research, trivia, awards, and more. shown in figure 5.3. Completely faired condition, long nose fairing, Completely faired condition, bluntnose fairing, Original cowling added, no airflow through 0000008099 00000 n UIUC Airfoil Data Site gives some background The airfoils are listed alphabetically by the airfoil filename (which is usually close to the airfoil name). accessed November 17, 2020), 0000002601 00000 n Clark Y23012C, ..- ..----... --........ oL W 1.47a(dees) ......................-L2 -&5.5a t =- (per degree)------------------ .101 .08CL ---------------------------- 19 .20c .... - .07 - .075* 1z-- ----------------- -- .01 s.u.. 015 '.025AerodYnnM ....{... '.0M ,.11m.--------------. %%EOF Vers. Aerodynamic Characteristics of NACA 23012 and 23021 Airfoils with 20-Percent-chord External-Airfoil Flaps of NACA 23012 Section Report presents the results of an investigation of the general aerodynamic characteristics of the NACA 23012 and 23021 airfoils, each equipped with a 0.20c external flap of NACA 23012 section. been utilized on a production aircraft. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, http://tracfoil.free.fr/tracfoil/accueilE.htm, http://www.aerodesign.de/profile/profile_m.htm, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, In addition to the links below, more airfoil-info links can be found back at the. Aero. 0000016765 00000 n The tests were made at several values of the Reynolds number … Jacobs, Eastman N., Ward, Kenneth E., and Pinkerton,Robert M.: The Characteristics of 78 Related Airfoil Sec-tions from Tests in the Variable-Density Wind Tunnel.T. airfoils below are large and will likely be resized. Remarque sur les profils: Les méthodes d'essai aérodynamiques s'appliquent également à l'essai dans l'eau. report was provided to UNT Digital Library today's jet transports employ double-slotted flaps or even .3 .4 .6 .8 / 2 4 8x/0'Effective Reynolds NumberFIGURE 12.-Maximum lift coaffleent. March 1, 1935; 0000004596 00000 n used to any great extent until well after World War II Many of Full-Scale Wind-Tunnel Tests.T. 23012.004. 23012 airfoilis very small and is only about 9 percent of the valuefound for the Clark Y.In brief, it may be concluded from the results thatthe N. A. C. A. 0000001431 00000 n 0000070123 00000 n / 4 6 8 /0 20 x/06Reynolds NumberFouaRE 8.-Drag Coeflcent at zero lift. T. R. No. The results from bothtunnels agree in indicating that within the flightrange of values of the Reynolds Number investigatedthe following characteristics for the N. A. C. A. This recent changes see the Historic newspapers digitized from across the Red River. HQ17.DAT \ Airfoil measured from an ASW22 wing Included below are coordinates for nearly 1,600 airfoils (Version 2.0). accessed November 17, 2020), A. C. A. The UIUC Airfoil Data Site gives some background on the database. Links and search tools for all of the collections and resources available from UNT. This view issupported by the tests in the full-scale and variable-density tunnels.Figure 7 shows that the slope of the lift curve for theN. 502, N. A. C. A., 1934.5. As the result of the smaller camber ofthe N. A. C. A. TABLE IFULJL-SCALE WIND-TUNNEL TESTS COMPARINGN. The values of maximum lift coefficient given in (siehe auch S-Schlagprofile) Modifikationen der vierstelligen und fünfstelligen NACA-Serien 1378 34 Ce profil n’est pas autostable mais les déplacements du centre de poussée (CP) sont dans le bon sens pour la sécurité (recul du CP à faible Cz). National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Collection and 0000003280 00000 n The data in figure 5.5 for the clean aircraft. Used on the E-flite UMX ASK-21 scale RC sailplane. It should be mentioned that theminimum-profile-drag results are relatively inaccurateas compared with the drag at zero lift so that cautionwill be used in extrapolating them to higher valuesof the Reynolds Number.The remaining important characteristics for onevalue of the Reynolds Number are presented for com-, .c.te - - - - - - -- --- .008.-W.A.C.A. The method of obtain-ing the ratios of COm ICDOo,, in the table is somewhatfallacious as both the lift and drag values were takenat the same Reynolds Number; whereas in flight thetwo conditions occur at different air speeds. UNT Libraries Government Documents Department, Page: Used on the E-flite UMX ASK-21 scale RC sailplane. Made with SW 2012 version. became practical, however, only after the development of the