caja. Thank you, lah7, that worked like a charm. sudo smbpasswd -a your_ubuntu_username. Transferring files between Ubuntu and Windows can be done in many ways, but in this tutorial, we are going to discuss the following popular methods: Transfer files between Ubuntu and Windows via the SSH. sudo apt-get install caja-share The best way to share file between Ubuntu and Windows, you need to install and configure Samba as a file server in Ubuntu Linux. Why is the US still heavily relying on cash bails? If you also want to map Windows smb network shares inside Ubuntu… 1. Select the folder you’d like to share with Ubuntu, and check “Auto-mount” and “Make Permanent”. Resolved it: Here you can configure a network share that can be accessed from other Windows computers. The reason Windows 10 cannot discover Ubuntu network shares is because although it can use mDNS it does not know how to scan the network for them automatically. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us, Setting the password helped. A word that means rule by the vocal minority? How to you know which finger/key to press for next note in Piano? What are some examples of "cheat-proof" trivia questions? net usershare: cannot open usershare directory /var/lib/samba/usershares. How can I share an optical drive in a way that fools the client into thinking it's a local drive? Ubuntu Local Network Share - Failed to mount Windows share: Permission denied. In this guide we will look at different ways to mount Windows shares in Ubuntu. After you have added folders you need to give the user a smbpassword by typing: On the dedicated hard drive I've created a share, which looks like this... On my workstation I can see the share listed. I've just set up a home server running Ubuntu 19.04 with a dedicated hard drive for file sharing (Ubuntu is installed on a separate drive). (This document does not describe how to host the shares yourself, only how to access shares that are hosted somewhere else. The “Download” directory that we previous added through VirtualBox share folders option is listed under /media/sf_Downloads. Install the package caja-share and restart caja (or log out, then in). Now, when you right-click a folder, you'll have the option for "Sharing Options". sudo apt-get install cifs-utils sudo mkdir /mnt/sharename sudo mount.cifs //hostname/sharename ~/mnt/sharename -o user=username pass=password If the smb network share doesn’t support guest access, then you need to pass the active directory or account username and password as the additional options. Both drives are formatted with ext4. Here you can configure a network share that can be accessed from other Windows … I was ready to start editing smb.conf. This enables the "Sharing Options" when you right-click a folder. All commands must be done as root (precede each command with 'sudo' or use 'sudo su'). I just had the same error, i tried to create the missing usershares folder, then i got a different error and i figured i need to install “samba” package that is not installed by default. Replace “hostname” and “sharename” to the appropriate network on your system. How can I create a custom terminal command with a variable argument? To access the Windows 7 shared folder from Ubuntu, you have to use the Connect to Serveroption. What can I do to a 6-month-old child so she ends up smart and has a high IQ? Never been an issue on Fedora 24 and a new install but has been many years since I have been on Ubuntu. In VirtualBox, before you boot up the server. Both drives are formatted with ext4. A generalization of partition function to the sums of squares, die einen (at the beginning of a sentence). Here is what you should do: Check if your user is part of the sambashare group as follows: In my case I was not a part of the sambashare group. I found out that my user was not part of the ‘sambashare’ group. How do I resolve this ? Recently I just installed Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS on my Dell laptop and needed to connect to my cifs share off the FreeNAS and ran the normal mount command and it failed. Hi can anyone help me when i go to create the shair i get this error and i dont know how to fix it its pobaly somehting dumb but here it is anyway ‘net usershare’ returned error 255: mkdir failed on directory /var/run/samba/msg.lock: Permission denied