At the end of every day we’ll retreat to our Surf House, grab a beer, chill out and cook dinner. 3. It was by the Beatles, or the Beach Boys, or some other group of fossils, not sure, but it had a real good message… “Let’s go surfin’ now, everybody’s learnin’ how, come on a surfari with me.” Think about the wonders of a surf trip, combined with the adventure of a safari. Surfing spots were great. It was a practical decision. roadsurfer propose des vans aménagés modernes et tout équipés à la location – selon tes goûts et tes envies. Install a wood stove: you can’t beat the dry heat and pleasing aroma of a wood stove. It was a practical decision. Il le partage avec… ses planches de surf ! But as soon as you enter the water the harsh reality hits you in the face. Original publication in German on Install a solar system: Although the solar system I had in my Ford was nice for my electronics when the weather was fair, I wanted more power. 1. Your universe will change. There's like a desire for a surf trip floating in the air (and soon in the water!). Or you can catch the Euskotren to San Pelaio Station in Zarautz, and jump in your pre arranged pick up from there! Pure freedom. Well, we put one together: the Stoke Travel Van Surfari. —A friendGoogleSocial MediaStreet PromoterTravel AgentWebsiteOther. Basically we’ll be chasing the waves and the biggest kicks. Hieronder volgen maximaal 5 reviews: Charlotte Hommes 5 / 5. And in the morning we’re going to head off, taking in the best towns, beaches, tourist attractions and parties this part of the world has to offer. Saved from Surftrip en van : les bonnes raisons pour se laisser tenter ! […] prêt pour partir en surftrip en van ? Un surftrip en combi, what else ? The more advanced levels are not to be outdone. Today I’m the owner of a 2002 Sprinter van I bought off two traveling surfer/skaters in Death Valley. A whistle in the background disrupts the silence. Well, as put together as an off-the-cuff surf trip can possibly be. New Zealand is all about nature. They were very flexible with the booking and rearranged everything in n, -time. Ils parcourent l’Amérique et sont actuellement sur la côte californienne…, Une publication partagée par Mili & Marcos (@panamericanbus) le 28 Mars 2017 à 14h24 PDT, Une publication partagée par Mili & Marcos (@panamericanbus) le 21 Avril 2017 à 13h49 PDT, Une publication partagée par Mili & Marcos (@panamericanbus) le 7 Mai 2017 à 14h46 PDT. Remember to keep a close eye on the wind and tide, they can change everything from waking up certain surf spots to shutting them down. This makes it much easier to explore in a small, fully equipped van, so there is something for everyone, even on short surfing trips. I needed a well thought out space that served multiple functions and had built-in incentives for keeping my stuff orderly. © 2020 Stoke Travel. The beautiful landscape is almost too cheesy. They can find their happiness on one of the many rocky bottoms scattered here and there on the coast - coucou la Sauzaie. Select your time zone Get a group together and flick us an email. Beachwear, something to party in, something warm for the night times, a towel, sunscreen and your camera! Young at heart traveller 18+. Due to it exposed position New Zealand has a unbelievable variety of surfspots. A collection of livable vehicles curated by Foster Huntington. Over the years I’d grown to cooking a lot as a way to save money, eat fresher and save my consumption of packaging waste. Il vie en van depuis 1 an et fait le tour de la Nouvelle Zélande. Ask away in the Ask a Question tab and we will answer right here…. We can dip in and out of the many coves, exploring long beaches, checking out surf reefs from clifftops and discovering parts of this wonderful coastline and countryside that are only accessible with your own vehicle – all the while chasing the best waves and surfing conditions every day, depending on the swell and tailored to your surfing level. If you are unable to make the last 7 pm free transfer or would like a pick up outside of the free pick up times, please call or email us to arrange to pick up for an extra charge. The excitement is palpable. Although this trip was not able to occur due to the circumstances of this year, working with surfawhile was efficient and affordable. Here we are Vendee by campervan! I get up and take the kettle from the stove and pour the hot water in our tea cups. From here cross the road and jump on the Euskotren and head to San Pelaio train station. Although this trip was not able to occur due to the circumstances of this year, working with surfawhile was efficient and affordable. I first moved into a van 10 years ago. Louer un van aménagé chez roadsurfer. As a student organization we aim to look. But if you imagine it solely by social media posts you will be hard struck by reality. Une publication partagée par Kameron Waters (@kameronwaters) le 26 Oct. 2016 à 21h56 PDT, Une publication partagée par Kameron Waters (@kameronwaters) le 11 Juil. Also the line up is very laidback - it's not uncommen that the locals will share their insider knowledge with you. 2017 à 18h39 PST, Une publication partagée par Home Sweet Van (@homesweetvan) le 17 Déc. We are no water gods and cannot predict the swell, however we will seek out the best breaks for all different levels in the crew. Copyright © 2020 WeVan. If you haven’t booked one yet, please make sure you get in touch with us to do so prior to your arrival. Pretty cool huh!? Applying Stoke to a Diverse Range of Leisure Businesses Worldwide Since 2008. Let us explain. In the ideal case they also face different swell-directions. He was always available, always friendly and most importantly very understanding with our situation. Very happy that I chose Surfawhile. For my next surf-holiday booking will be with Surfawhile! The excitement is palpable. Kameron Waters est photographe et filmaker, son métier l’amène à voyager un peu partout. Really had great waves and great surfing. We’ll drink some beers and trade stories. Into The Wild Van Life Style Surf Surf Mar The Road Combi Vw Van Interior Mercedes Sprinter Sprinter Van. Il a fait déjà le tour de nombreux pays notamment la Nouvelle Zélande, le Nicargua, la Suisse, la Suède… Cependant, il essaie de rester pas loin de la côte et des vagues pour assouvir son envie de glisse et poursuivre son surftrip en van ! The road winds its way along the coast, passing green hills sprinkled white with sheep. As a student organization we aim to look for the best locations for our university trips and Olmo helped us out a lot. Loved meeting all the participants and drinking beer with them. Mackenzie Duncan est un photographe professionnel canadien qui parcourt le monde à bord de son combi Volkswagen. Make sure to add on a transfer when booking. Surfvakanties voor jongeren (12 - 18 jaar). If you arrive by bus in San Sebastian, simply walk across the road from the bus station to the Euskotren and jump on a train in the direction of Bilbao, to San Pelaio Train station in Zarautz for your pre-arranged pickup. Have a good working space: Make a work desk so I can have a clean space to work on my projects. if you arrive by RENFE Train, jump on the Euskotren to San Pelaio Station for pre arranged pickup from there. Good atmosphere, fun activities, cool staff! EUSKOTREN – A train with connections to Bilbao and cities along the Basque Coast, such as Zarautz. Saved by Nick Davies. Il le partage avec… ses planches de surf ! Loved the traveling to find the best waves! And actually it is. Because the whole concept of a Surfari is to be out on the open road, hunting those perfect waves. It’s important to let us know which one you’d like to jump on ahead of time! The Tongarori National Park is only one of the nature highlights, that was used as a film set for the Lord of the Rings epos. C’est surement le véhicule le plus emblématique de la “vanlife”. COVID-19 : option "Flexibilité Annulation" offerte pour tous les départs en 2020/2021 . At the end of the day, we’ll retreat back to the surf house in Aia. Make a functional kitchen: I never had a kitchen in my van and I really wanted to have a nice space I could store, clean, prep and cook food. This is often the case in France and all over the world, the best surfing sessions always start before the sun warms the earth and the wind gets up. Une publication partagée par Mackenzie Duncan (@themackenzielife) le 25 Nov. 2016 à 9h08 PST, Une publication partagée par Mackenzie Duncan (@themackenzielife) le 18 Mai 2016 à 12h09 PDT, Une publication partagée par Mackenzie Duncan (@themackenzielife) le 14 Avril 2017 à 8h22 PDT, C’est également en Amérique que Juliana, Richmond et Roscoe (leur chien) voyagent à bord de leur Mercedes Sprinter. © 2020 having fun. We have this bus, and this big stretch of surfing coast spanning Spain and France, so what we’re going to do is cruise up and down the coast looking for waves on our Van Surfari.