[24], Destined for export, Eland-20s were marketed primarily to Morocco. [102] A large guerrilla force was able to trap and cut off the column of armoured cars in the valley. [38] Although the three crew members escaped serious injury,[38] incidents like these demonstrated that the Eland simply lacked the mass to absorb the explosive force of an anti-tank mine. [94] The number of Elands inherited by the ZNA is disputed, with some sources citing sixteen[89] and others twenty-eight. [22] By 1985 production had reached two hundred vehicles a year. [27] This was followed by the Eland Mk6 programme, which entailed older models upgraded to Mk5 standards. A gunner is seated on the right and has a one-piece hatch cover. [73], Task Force Victor's performance during Askari left much to be desired. Sammeln Sie die Vokabeln, die Sie später lernen möchten, während Sie im Wörterbuch nachschlagen. [86], The Elands gave much-needed mobility to STU personnel and allowed them to take part in responding quickly to insurgent raids, particularly one well-planned ZANLA assault on Grand Reef Air Base in 1978. Ze zullen zich onmiddellijk onder struiken of dicht gras verschuilen, dus zet je voeten niet in of op die plaatsen! [78] The armoured cars succeeded in knocking out at least five tanks on the river, which were captured and retained for inspection. [125], The armoured car troop was expected to operate independently. [70] The latter was preferred, as Elands experienced difficulty observing other forces in thick bush. [15], Sensing an opportunity to disengage, Greyling called off the attack, but it was too late. [78] On 24 June, the SWATF and SADF retreated south after clashing with the Cuban tanks advancing on Cuamato, just north of the border. [24] No more than 56 rounds of 60mm and 3,800 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition are carried. Ook ratelen natte ratelslangen niet. [59] Upon their arrival, they were supplied with T-34-85 tanks, hundreds of which had been shipped directly to Luanda by the Soviet Union to avoid transshipment delays in Havana. The Moroccan crews proceeded through a narrow valley against the counsel of their South African instructors, who correctly suspected a Polisario ambush. [13] During combat against tanks, its biggest edge was superior mobility, although this was diminished somewhat by the lack of a stabilised cannon. Bravo was always an Eland-60. [36] Whenever T-55s appeared on the battlefield, they caused anxious moments for the Eland-90. [9], Also noteworthy is the independent suspension consisting of coil springs and hydropneumatic shock absorbers on trailing arms in the wheel mechanism; South Africa later adopted this design for the Rooikat. [138] The seizure of the vehicles was justified on the grounds that they had been marked off for disposal from the army's inventory some time prior, but SANDF officials had no record of their transfer to the museum. In keeping with this principle, Task Force Victor marched east through Mongua before harassing FAPLA's 11th Brigade at Cuvelai, their intended target. [58] On 18 December, the first armour-to-armour engagement between South Africa and Cuba occurred when a troop of Eland-90s attached to Battle Group Orange reconnoitring potential river crossings east of Bridge 14 encountered three T-34-85s on the opposite bank. [6] These new vehicles claimed a local content of forty per cent but remained heavily bolstered by components imported from France in 1961. [23], Operated by a crew of three, each Eland was built on a small and remarkably lightweight 4X4 chassis with a height of 2.5 metres, a length of 5.12 metres, and a weight of 6 metric tons. There were logistical incentives for adopting the Panhard M3, which shared many interchangeable parts with the Elands, but this notion was rejected: Pretoria wanted a true MRAP. [94] Three days later, ZIPRA reinforcements in the form of a motorized column led by BTR-152 armoured vehicles and possibly including T-34-85 tanks was spotted approaching Bulawayo. [17] Another proposal for an Eland variant armed with an autocannon appeared in 1971. [16] Panhard subcontracted the project to Henschel rather than carrying out the work itself as it was anxious to avoid criticism from its potential clients in other African states. [17], One hundred AMLs were purchased, presumably for preliminary evaluation purposes, as well as enough turrets, engines, and other associated parts for the later assembly of another 800 in South Africa. [16] The result was the VA (Vehicle A) Mk2, first offered to the SADF's armoured car regiments and reconnaissance commands in 1964. A flurry of new orders were issued accordingly: probing actions were to cease, and the enemy attacked "forcefully" prior to the 31st. [17] For the SADF and the police, the only other viable option was the adoption of armoured personnel carriers with mine-proof hulls that could move quickly on roads with little risk to their passengers even if a mine like the TM-46 was encountered. [113] The Panhard electric clutch, a major stumbling block for inexperienced drivers,[28] has been replaced by a more concurrent hydraulic system for easier maintenance and reduced crew training time. En erger nog, er is misschien zelfs verschil in het gif van een boze ratelslang en een die verrast reageert uit zelfverdediging — de toxiciteit kan worden verhoogd, terwijl een geschrokken ratelslang wellicht alleen bijt zonder gif te injecteren (mogelijk, maar niet zeker). [58], While the campaign south of Quibala was in progress, two new battle groups modelled after Foxbat and Zulu, codenamed X-Ray and Orange respectively, had been formed in Silva Porto to fight the Cuban-FAPLA alliance in eastern Angola. [58] Taken by surprise, the defending Cuban and FAPLA units began a disorderly withdrawal. [30] Less than two months later, Cuban general Abelardo Colomé Ibarra cited his inability to counter the Elands' superior manoeuvrability as one of the greatest tactical challenges facing the Cuban-FAPLA coalition in Angola. [70] As his men were poorly equipped with antitank weapons, Greyling's Eland-90s had to bear the brunt of the armoured thrust. [56], By 1983, FAPLA had completed an exhaustive two-year retraining and reequipment programme, greatly increasing in size, sophistication, and competence under the eye of Soviet military advisors. [113] The mortar weighs 75 kg and is 1.8 metres long. Tegelijkertijd heeft een slang het instinct om zichzelf te beschermen — als je erover nadenkt is een slang een zeer kwetsbaar wezen zonder poten, oren of een grote omvang.