Once you get to your room, you’ll see for yourself: Montmartre’s Sacré-Coeur is not far away. After a long day, the cosy double bed promises a restful night’s sleep. Pour pouvoir vous connecter sur le site internet et ainsi bénéficier de toutes ses fonctionnalités, veuillez créer un compte en cliquant sur le bouton ci-dessous. Sur cette page, vous trouverez toutes les informations nécessaires sur Legrand Jean Michel. If you’re looking for an unconventional venue for meetings and events, the 25hours Hotel Terminus Nord is the right place for you. Voici le terrain qu'il vous faut! Das Hotel liegt direkt gegenüber vom Bahnhof Gare du Nord. Maison à vendre dans les Vosges du Nord sur la commune magnifique de Windstein. And the wind will blow away the rest of the cobwebs when you’re cruising through the streets on a Schindelhauer bike. Take a seat at @nenifrance ! Due to the current situation the Sape Bar will be temporarily closed until 30th of November. Thinking, creating, doing - right in the thick of it and not just on the sidelines. These spaces offer an exceptional view over the historic railway station. FREEMAN DE BAUDE et BELLA DE LA COUTUREFemelle de 0 an(s), BAI, TRAIT DU NORD. ( Log Out /  Free high-speed Wi-Fi allows you to check that last email before you go to sleep, and the next morning, there are Schindelhauer bikes available to quickly get you to your first meeting. The Extra Large Plus rooms offer a touch of luxury. Coordonnées; Maison avendre dans Vosges du Nord. Numerous national and international trains depart from here, as well as metro lines and buses. Either select the option when making your booking or just enquire at reception. As colourful as an African bazaar: a cosmopolitan mix of cultures and urban refuge at Gare du Nord, We have a partnership with EFFIA Gare du Nord, 3 Rue de Compiègne. After a long day exploring the city, the Medium rooms are the perfect retreat. Grand terrain de 103 019 p² à quelques pas de la pourvoirie Cap-à-l'Est ayant un magnifique restaurant sur le gite et à quelques minutes du village du Ste-Rose-du-Nord où vous pourrez admirer le majestueux Fjord du Saugenay! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Making a quick pit stop in Paris? Conquer Paris together with 25hours and your colleagues, make the difference and celebrate, e.g. Whether it’s classic sightseeing or a trip along or on the Seine, the 25hours Hotel Terminus Nord is the ideal starting point from which to explore the city.The hotel is situated directly opposite the Gare du Nord train station. A fleet of Schindelhauer bikes available for hire invite you to explore the city your way, on two or four wheels. The picturesque quarter in the bustling 10th arrondissement is home to a diverse range of people from many nations and offers plenty of variety. With their own balcony with a view to the Gare du Nord, a Nespresso coffee maker, and most rooms featuring a bathtub, the Extra Large Plus category rooms are excellently suited for the more discerning tourists in Paris. Of course, the product range also includes the beautifully fragrant ‘Stop the water while using me!’ cosmetics range. EVERT VAN'T HOF VAN PIEMO et FRANGINE DU BOISHUREMâle de 0 an(s), NOIR, ORIGINE CONSTATEE. FREITAG or canvasco bag for use during your stay. Local heroes serve as the inspiration for the interior design concept. If you’re arriving in Paris by train, all you have to do is cross the station forecourt and you’re already at the entrance to the hotel. The hotel is situated directly opposite the Gare du Nord train station. We have one for you ! Hope you slept well #25hoursterminusnord…, Almost home ! Personalities who are looking for a trustworthy job, excluding boredom but including space for development are more than welcome. That’s why we’re determined to offer our guests the city’s coolest speedsters – like the bikes from our friends at Schindelhauer. Siegfried, Ludwig, Viktor or Lotte will be awaiting the visitor for a leisurely bike tour through the neighbourhood. Furnished with everything that urban nomads appreciate: High-quality bed, UE Boom Bluetooth speakers, free high-speed Wi-Fi and Schindelhauer bikes available for rent. the opening, the summer or just that you really rocked another day. The reception on the ground floor is reminiscent of a French kiosk and is available to both guests and locals for any requests, questions, or anything unusual you may need. It’s also home to a real insider secret – the Speakeasy next to the SAPE BAR on the first floor of the hotel (with room for up to 6 people). Achetez moins cher votre voiture quelle que soit la marque et bénéficiez de remise jusqu'à moins 40% par rapport au prix catalogue France du constructeur. The rooms decorated with lovingly selected details are perfect for a romantic getaway with a size of 17 - 21sqm. And go outside and explore! Please enjoy the following short guide to 25hours Hotel Terminus Nord and have fun on your 'scavenger hunt' to find out heroes throughout the hotel. For all those who love a little fresh air, we have the Large Plus rooms with their own balcony with a view to the Gare du Nord, where you can observe the hustle and bustle of inner-city Parisian life. - les o-shamo sont lents et endurants mais très précis dans leurs gestes, tandis que les Grands Combattants du Nord et les flamands font des combats très rapide. 25hours Hotel Paris Terminus Nord- Opposite Gare du Nord station -12 Boulevard de Denain75010 Paris, General contact:p +33 1 42 80 20 00terminusnord@25hours-hotels.com, For room reservations: p +33 1 42 80 82 00res.terminusnord@25hours-hotels.com. RONNY KING VAN DE PAARDEH et AICHA DE COYECQUES Femelle de 3 an(s), ROUAN, TRAIT DU NORD. The Neni restaurant with its Israeli-Mediterranean cuisine and the Sape Bar with its large counter and  leather armchairs form the pulsing heart of the house.